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31 January

Blue Skies + Free Time = Ride

I still remember how to pedal.. even if it is pretty damn slow. My planned Pommie crit domination will have to wait ;-)
I decided to go in summer kit for the simple reason that I could do with the extra Vitamin D(aylight).
Also, I don't have any winter kit!
Ripped out a (cough) massive (cough) 40k ride yesterday, exploring to the west of Ealing. Didn't get killed, even when trying.
Helped a guy with a flat tyre because I happened to be carrying a pump - I'm planning on saving up karma points from kind gestures like this and redeeming them for freaky scx later on. Just need to find the right 7 or 8 women..

Found the Richer Sounds hi-fi store I've been looking for, which should come in handy when I can afford to build up the "Killer Stereo from Depths of Hell #2". Gotta have something to entertain the neighbors with..

Nearby, "London Joggers" might be able to sort me out with some new runners - mine are getting old and apparently it's a good idea to have multiple pairs in different styles (run type, not colour and sh1t!) to choose from.

Further west and it was like Little India or something! If the Bhangra was any louder and the pedestrians any more unpredictable I might've been forced to walk!! ;)

One more day in Siebel hell and I get to experience a new kind of employment hell.. at least it will pay more.. yippee!
"New bike for me! Yeah! New bike for me! Yeah! New bike for me! Yeah!"

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26 January

Happy Australia Day!

I'm sitting here at work in jeans and short sleeves. Such a rebel! *groan*

Next to me: an iced coffee and a 235g jar of Vegemite (the biggest size I've seen for sale in Europe - seen bigger? let me know!).

Looks like tonight will involve a pub crawl through central-London's Aussie pubs with as many fellow convicts as I can muster. I'm officially ending my Walkabout ban.

What else? What else?

Well, I got the job I wanted. Both of them. I knocked back the one in Wandsworth and from the 1st of Feb I'll be working alongside Dan.. again! Small world eh?!

I have been running but it's been very dodgy recently with my shins giving me plenty of grief. I hate that running causes so much damage! On a bike you ride as fast as possible and all that happens is you run out of breath or your muscles go down in a fiery ball of lactic acid.. running.. grrr.. running is hazardous to your leg's health! Dark times folks, dark times.

More rest, slower running, more dedicated stretching and self-massage (ooh yeah! rub harder baby!) seem to have sorted most of that out now and last night I finally felt good again.

Hammered away at the start without warming up, of course, because I am a dickhead. I know it's bad but it was so frickin' cold last night, I didn't want to piss about with any slow jogging.

I was feeling great, like really great, like a mad-man that's just won the 85-million lottery. I was all set for a new EARL record but 3/4's done, the starting pace got to me, my knee started feeling "odd" and I slowed it right down. Once I realised there would be no chance of a PB, I slowed RIGHT down and cruised in at 39:00.

It was Wednesday, which means TNT magazine comes out. For those that don't know, it's a mag for antipodeans, or Aussies, Kiwis and Saffas living in London.

So, I ran back to Northfields Tube station and picked up a copy. The run there and back added another 2.5k onto the EARL circuit, according to www.gmap-pedometer.com.

Now.. Where's my beer?!

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23 January

Australia Day - What to do? What to do?

Australian Flag

Hear what Sam Kekovich has to say here.

I've so far avoided entering an Aussie pub whilst in Europe. You see, other than the friends and family I left behind, Milo, Cherry Ripes, Pascal Licorice All-sorts and a bit more sun, Oz doesn't hold that much appeal any more. Guess it's easier to be patriotic before travelling? Maybe I should head to Africa for a dose of perspective?

BUT! I think for one day of the year I can show a smidge of clever-country patriotism and at least try and find an Aussie beer to skull (no beer bongs this time.. well.. unless my arm is twisted ;-)).

Perhaps I'll even sink so low as to talk about the cricket and relive some crushing English defeats for the locals? ;)

F_sters and VB are most definately still on my banned list - I'd rather drink from the Thames - so Coopers it is!! :)

The choice then becomes: a BBQ or meat pies?

Any other Aussies going out on Thursday 26th can help me decide an appropriate course of action. Some options below:
guide to the best pubs & bars in London for Australia day
www.viewlondon.co.uk - Australia day pubs and bars
www.citypublife.co.uk - Australia day

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20 January

Hatchback update..

"Hatchy meows like mad each morning when I feed him. He wants me to brush him!!! He loves it. He doesn't even finish his food, he just wants to be brushed. So we have some bonding time as he rubs against me and purrrrrrrs and is very happy."

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Couple of runs, couple of jobs

Reverse loop that went to hell stressing over upcoming job interviews.
Wednesday, after a good interview and test, my legs self-destruct after 10 minutes running and I have to walk home swearing.
Had another interview this morning which went beautifully. Then..
Job offer #1 comes in.
Job offer #2 comes in.

Can't find a job, now I can't choose one.
Can't run a lap, time to get the booze on.

After speaking to someone who actually has a clue (thanks Dan!) I now know the true path. All is good again. Now, I wait..

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18 January

14 pints in 5 hours is..

Too Much!

14 pints in 5 hours, with no lunch or dinner beforehand is..
Much Too Much!

14 pints in 5 hours, with no lunch or dinner beforehand and some of those pints disappearing in under 10 seconds with the help of "Barry the Beer Bong" is..
Just Fscking Ridiculous!

It all started innocently enough, with a trip to the London Adventure Travel Show with Simon, a mate from Swinnie's Res. college.
I picked up a tonne of ideas for future travel - loads of road touring stuff, mtb touring, hiking, diving, yachting and even some groups that organise rides and other 'interesting' stuff for Londoners.

Dermot, a Scottish bloke was particularly psyched about his cycle tours and I'm now dreaming of some insanely difficult, high-altitude "not a holiday, but an expedition"-type touring.

Once we'd cased the entire show it was into the nearest pub to break the drought. Two pints of "Cockle Warmer" 6.5% ale. Now, here is where I should've made the decision to head home and study some travel brochures. Nuh uh! "Barry" was calling...

Long-story short and a couple of John Smith 6-packs later, not much of London's west managed to escape the "liquid upheaval"...

Sunday was a write-off, just like me!

(This story provided with the post-puke-pride only a proven piss-weak pisspot can provide!)

How did the phrase "three sheets to the wind" come to refer to being drunk?

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11 January

Vegetarians produce less gas

rundave.blogspot.com - vegetarians produce less gas

Thanks for the link RunDave. Ant, you were on the money all those years ago!

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